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The Hillside Trust Stern Preserve

One of the first properties ever acquired by The Hillside Trust

This 12.7-acre Stern Preserve located on Elstun Rd in Mt. Washington, is a wooded hillside with several very mature trees, and a creek skirting the southern boundary of the property. It overlooks bottom lands of the Little Miami River and abuts Cincinnati Parks Department’s Stanbery Park.

The Stern Preserve property was donated by developer Robert Stern, who had contemplated developing it. He elected to donate it instead in 1984. The wooded hillside parcel abuts Cincinnati Park’s 125-acre Stanbery Park, forming a contiguous 137-acre green space.

This greenspace is located one mile northeast of the Garard/Martin Station. In 1790, this station was the site of the first fortified settlement in Anderson Township, and one of the first in the Virginia Military District. The area is believed to have remnant artifacts from this settlement, including glass and pottery pieces, and musket balls. The Garard/Martin Station is located at the end of Elstun Rd. It has a marker, delineating its historical significance.


2500 Elstun Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45230


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