Bryant's Snack Shop & Barbeque

This structure was constructed in 1915 in a vernacular style with Italianate detailing and was demolished in 2021. It was located in the C.M. Holloway’s Subdivision, created in 1887 by Charles M. Holloway. Holloway was an avid businessman in the region, largely involved in steamboats, real estate, banking, and a salt company. When extant, the property had retained much of it’s integrity, although the storefronts appeared to have been altered. This property was significant as a former Green Book site and part of the five points area of Evanston, historically a commercial hub which the community hopes to revitalize.

The property was originally known as Dunlap Flats and featured a hardware store and jeweler in the first-floor storefronts. There were four apartments, all occupied by working class individuals aside from the owner of jewelry shop below. The building experienced a high rate of turnover, but in residents and storefronts, though it remained under the same ownership through 1946. During the mid-20th century it was known as Bryant's Snack Shop and Barbeque, and was a listed site in the Green Book. 

The area this building was located is largely deteriorated, with many vacant properties and empty lots. However, there is a revitalization beginning to take place in the area, with several properties being rehabilitated and businesses beginning to reoccupy the commercial structures. 


Former Green Book Site (Bryant's Snack Shop building).
Former Green Book Site (Bryant's Snack Shop building). Demolished in 2021 Creator: Carrie Rhodus Date: 2020
Bryant's Snack Shop Advertisement
Bryant's Snack Shop Advertisement Source: Ghetto Magazine Creator: C. Smith Date: 1970



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